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A beautiful and refined skin is something that everyone desires. Pimples are therefore for most people real blemishes. In addition, the inflammatory pustules are very uncomfortable, often even painful. Here are some measures and rules of conduct, so you can even remove nasty pimples and blackheads, prevent blackheads and improve your skin appearance sustainably.

Blackheads remove – the fight against the blackheads

Thick red pimples are small inflammations that are below the skin. The cause of these inflammations are initially clogged pores. Stress, bad diet, lack of sleep, alcohol and nicotine as well as hormonal imbalances lead to excessive sebum production.

The skin will be oily, the pores get fast clogged. In the pores themselves, a phenomenon blackheads forms. Since it contains the natural dye melanin, which reacts with oxygen, it comes to a dark coloration of this plug. In Medicine, this Blackhead is known as an open comedo.

These black pimples are not only extremely unsightly, they also persist and lead over time to an enlargement of the pores. The result: impure, large-pored skin. Bacteria that enter these pores also lead to inflammation, which turns out to be painful red pimples. If you want to solve this problem and get rid of your pimples, you have to fight the blackheads first.

Remove blackheads by effectively combating blackheads

The best remedy for pimples is not to let blackheads and impurities develop. This basically means to positively influence the sebum production of your skin. Again, as is often the case, prevention is the best way to avoid being confronted with pimples and acne and not having to ask you how to get rid of your pimples.

A healthy lifestyle contributes significantly to a pure skin. Therefore, you should ensure adequate sleep, balanced eating, plenty of drinking, avoiding sugar and fat as much as possible, avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and nicotine, reduce stress and stay in the fresh air a lot.

All of this contributes to good blood circulation and regulation of sebum production. At best, blackheads do not even develop.
Also, make sure to clean your face regularly, but do not use aggressive cleansing lotions.

Remove blackheads – but be careful!

If blackheads have formed, these are an ugly sight. In addition, the dark blackheads can quickly cause inflammation. Before you are asked how to get rid of the pimples, the removal of dark blackheads is a priority issue.

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But what to do against blackheads? It’s very tempting to just express the blackheads. But caution is needed here. Improper expressions often lead to worse inflammation and abscesses, because it carries bacteria and dirt into the pore. In addition, bruising of the skin can quickly arise, so that it is then even more inflamed and reddened or even bruises.

For this reason, blackheads should ideally be removed by experienced cosmeticians. Do you dare yourself to the black pimples, you should be careful to take the action.

Prepare skin well

Hygiene is essential here. So first cleanse your skin with a gentle cleansing product that’s tailored to your skin. You should also clean your hands thoroughly.

Despite all cleanliness: Never treat pimples and blackheads with your bare hands. To reduce the likelihood of infection, it’s better to wrap clean tissues around your fingers before expressing pimples and blackheads.

Heat opens the pores and facilitates the procedure. Therefore, a hot steam room is highly recommended.

Alternatively, you can apply damp, hot compresses for a few minutes on the affected areas of the skin and open the pores so. Not only blackheads can be better removed, also this way you can get rid of your pimples in the long term, because the pores are cleaned and well-blooded by this procedure.

Get rid of pimples

Express only the blackheads that can be expressed without much resistance. Once you feel you have to squeeze and squeeze, you better keep your fingers away from the blackhead, as the risk of inflammation is too great. Here it just takes some time.

There are several special tools for removing blackheads on our Shop. It’s worth to try this once. Due to the special shape of these small tools, reminiscent of a larger forceps with a small loop at the head, it takes little pressure, and the sebum graft dissolves almost by itself from the pore.

The right aftercare

A distant blackhead leaves behind a veritable crater. This is the pore that has widened with the gradual growth of the sebum plug over time. After removal of the blackhead remains an excessively dilated pore.

Now it is important to be careful, because this pore is particularly susceptible to dirt and bacteria. Make sure that you thoroughly disinfect the skin and avoid distributing bacteria to your face, for example with dirty hands.


If you are generally prone to pimples and blackheads, you should be careful with the choice of your cosmetics. Avoid aggressive artificial additives and choose a care that is optimally matched to your skin type and especially gentle on sensitive skin.

Regular gentle peels that remove dead skin cells and cleansing, soothing face masks – such as healing clay or yeast – complete the perfect anti-pimple care.

This way you can remove stubborn pimples and blackheads over the long term and damage such as Prevent scars.

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