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Best 5 Turmeric Substitute

Turmeric is an important spice in Indian, Indonesian, and Thai cuisine. Turmeric is a spice that blends very well with other spices, especially strong spices. When mixed with these dominant spices, it establishes an ideal balance.…

Does Stevia Break a Fast? (Intermittent Fasting)

If you want to lose weight with interval fasting, sugar is an absolute taboo. This requirement is very easy to implement, because there are countless healthy substances that can be used to replace harmful sugars. Sugar is an everyday…

How Much Water Should You Drink on Keto Diet?

The human body consists of 70% water. This allows it to maintain the most important bodily functions. Muscles, brain, lung and kidney tissue are also largely water - even in the blood, about 83% is water. Many Dieters drink too…

Is Tofu Keto friendly? What’s nobody is talking about?

Tofu is constructed by dried Soybeans and is used by many for a vegetarian or keto diet as a substitute for meat. In Asia, however, tofu is available everywhere and is not a substitute but an independent food

Honey on Keto: Does Sugar-free Honey Ever Exist?

First of all, real Sugar-free Honey - there is no such thing. Actually, there is no "fake" honey, because then the name alone would be misleading, and that is not allowed. Remember, honey, consists mainly of different sugar forms,…

Keto Diet Rules: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Keto [2020]

The keto diet is a low-carb diet that is based on a high-fat and extremely low-carbohydrate intake. One of the best-known representatives of this diet is the Atkins diet.

How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor for Strength Training

If you’re only using your heart rate monitor for cardio, you’re missing out. Everyone knows how a heart rate monitor can help track your cardio training. These little fellas are great at telling you when you need to train harder, or slow…

Top Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Spinach

Even comic hero Popeye knew it: spinach is totally healthy. We'll show you top Health benefits of spinach that convince you to love it





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