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11 bad Skincare habits that cause wrinkles




The wrong skin care, smoking and too much sugar make us look quite older. From these and other habits, you should therefore better stay away!

Do you know 80-year-olds who are wrinkle-free, beautiful and have smooth skin? Unbelievable, but it works!

You can influence yourself whether your skin is wrinkled or nicely smooth – apart from small crow’s feet and other expression lines. But they only show that you smile a lot.

In addition, there are UV rays, environmental pollution, and family predisposition, which you can not influence in skin care.

However, what lies within your power, is a corresponding provision. These eleven habits you should completely cut off for a firm skin.

Bad mood, stress, unhealthy diet and too little sleep will eventually have a negative effect, because they dig deep into the skin.

You should cut off these 11 habits

Without these eleven you are better off – they stand in the way of a firm, radiant skin.

1. Wrong sleeping

The wrong sleeping position leaves a mark: Sleeping on the stomach or on the side leads to wrinkles, because the skin is literally crumpled up.

This burdens the elastin and collagen fibers in the skin. Practice sleeping on your back more often. Gravity tightens the skin on the face and chest.

2. Extreme Mimic

Nasty wrinkles are especially unconscious facial expressions. If we constantly frown when looking at the smartphone, this expression can manifest itself on the skin.

Loosen the skin of your forehead several times a day with the palm of your hand. That relaxes nicely.


Sugar-rich food strain the body and promotes the development of inflammatory processes. Lemonades and chocolate also age the skin faster.

On the other hand, everything that is healthy in our daily diet is good for the skin: Many vital nutrients from vegetables or whole grains support the skin’s functions.

Therefore, a healthy diet with low sugar is also reflected on the skin.

4. Dehydration

Drinking too little water will have negative consequences for the whole body. The skin is the first organ that suffers.

Dehydration leads to poor blood circulation and dehydration and consequently to wrinkles.

5. Alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption destroys the fine structure of the skin. In addition, wine and beer exploit the body’s own vitamin A, which normally supports collagen production. If less collagen is formed, the skin appears fast flaccid.

So, if you drink more often than you are thirsty, that makes you look quite old.


6. Smokingskin_wrinkles_smoking

Smoking is generally not healthy – and is also evident in the face: dilated vessels, dull complexion, wrinkles are the result of the free radicals that cigarette smoke carries into your body.

So many antioxidants You can not eat or supplying with cosmetics to balance it. Smoking is simply making you older.

7. Hot Showers

Long, hot showers may be relaxing for the mind, but bad for the skin: they dry out because the hot water flushes away the skin’s natural protective film.

If you shower too hot for too long, it will start to crumble and then, in the long run, wrinkles.

8. With make-up to bed

Sin! Make-up has to be taken off in the evening because otherwise the skin will not breathe and can not regenerate. This is at the expense of elasticity and strength.

So there is no excuse no matter how tired you are – the make-up has to go down before you go to bed.

9. Wrong cleaning

Soap does not belong in the face, shower gel also not. Use mild cleansing products or Konjac sponges, otherwise you will damage the structure of the skin.

You should use scrubs very sparingly. Even if they make the skin glowy and healthy for the first time, they can in the long run ensure that you get more wrinkles.

10.Forgetting to care

You cream your face regularly, but that’s it? Not a good idea, because even ears, hands and neck can become wrinkled. That’s why they have to be maintained with the right products.

11. Too much sun

UVB rays are a major cause of premature skin aging. Use good sunscreen – even in winter.

Many day creams have an integrated SPF. This is a good start, but no substitute for regular creaming. This is especially true if you are in a very sunny region.

Did you catch yourself on some points? Then it’s time for a change.

Your complexion will thank you!


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