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What you need to know about Dot drug and alcohol testing



Many of us have seen the negative effects of drug and alcohol addiction because of the damage it has caused to our lives in one way or another.

You most likely know an employee, a colleague, a friend, a client or even a family member whose life has been devastated as a result of drugs and alcohol abuse.

There are millions of drivers on our roads who are a danger not just to themselves but may other road users because they drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

This is the reason why many organizations today are formulating drug and alcohol policies as well as conducting random tests in companies, schools and colleges.

There are different methods that are used for drug and alcohol testing and they include the following:

Urine Test: This is an extremely popular but easy method that is not only cheap but also reliable. Alcohol is known to show up in a person’s urine in about one to one and half hours after consumption and samples will indicate its presence up to 48 hours later. While urine tests can be used to detect drugs and alcohol, they can’t tell whether the person is addicted.

Blood Test: This is another highly reliable method of testing the content of drugs or alcohol in a person’s body. Substances that are taken will reach a person’s bloodstream fairly fast with maximum levels being detected within an hour of consumption.

While a blood test cannot indicate addiction, it can easily be used to indicate whether a person took beyond the legally accepted levels. The only downside is its invasiveness and high expenses involved.

Saliva Test: It is also possible to detect the presence of drugs and alcohol by running a swab through a person’s mouth. This method is mostly preferred over the blood testing method because its effectiveness is almost similar and it’s not as invasive as the blood based method besides being cheaper.

Breathalyzer Test: The breathalyzer test is normally done using a hand held device and is used to check the person’s alcohol levels through their breath. Since this is a portable device, it is fairly popular with law enforcers and is not only easy to handle but the results are also seen instantly.

Hair Test: This is a most recent way of testing for drugs using hair samples which is gaining popularity by the day as a result of its non invasiveness and cost effectiveness.

The Most Unexceptional part of this hair drug test method is its ability to detect the presence of drugs taken up to 90 days prior to the test.

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