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Living healthy and Being well is a choice and lifestyle




Every one of us can live such a life and attaining health and wellness is a process that is really not difficult. Making right life choices is just as easy as making wrong choices and certainly the consequences of wrong choices take a heavy toll.


Destructive Habits

For many years I lived a lifestyle that was nothing short of destructive. I was addicted to alcohol and drugs, I smoked two to three packs of cigarettes a day, I ate processed and fast foods almost exclusively, I lived in a constant state of stress, and really was ignorant or had no concern for the injury that…

I was inflicting on my own body, nor the heartache, I was causing to those who loved me.

Notice that, I did not say that, I was causing heartache to those, I loved because I was really too self centered to even have the capacity to love anyone but myself. Every aspect of my life was completely out of harmony and in retrospect I really think that I had the notion that I was actually quite happy.

I was oblivious to the pain, I was causing others and had the attitude that as long as, I was only harming myself than no one else had any right to complain.

A Different Path

Thankfully, I had a spiritual awakening around eighteen years ago, but it was not until I had caused untold damage to my own body and worse than that, I realized for the first time that I had left a long, painful trail of heartache and ruin to almost everyone whom I had ever come in contact with.

I am pleased, however, and even proud to report that today at the age of almost 53. I am physically in the best health of my entire life, and have completely reversed the devastating toll that I had exacted on this body of flesh and I am really thankful for that because it is the only body I have.

This was actually the easiest of my lifestyle changes. Becoming physically healthy is not really all that difficult. It does consist of changing many bad habits and incorporating beneficial practices into our lifestyle but these things do not have to all be done at once, but rather over time.

We can take a lot of little steps (none of which are that painful) and pretty soon we have come along way. We also find that our new habits give us a sense of well being as an added bonus and that we look better too.

This motivates us to continue on our journey to physical wholeness and our lifestyle becomes one focused on making healthy life choices which are actually good for us instead of detrimental.

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Healing From the Inside Out

Nevertheless as wonderful as physical health and healing is it is only one small piece of the puzzle. For me, as essential as my physical healing was to my overall well being I must also say that a spiritual healing was the true foundation of my recovery.

This aspect of wellness of course is not that easy and is nothing short of a lifetime process of learning and growth. I am still a novice at this indispensable piece of the puzzle, but I do strive to make right choices every day which have ultimately changed my direction and my life.

A Life Lived For Others

Today I am quite aware that the most harmful aspect of my former existence can be summed up in just two words — SELF CENTERED. I don’t believe I realized it but I now know that I really had no concern for any other human being on this planet except of course for myself.

This of course was the fundamental root of all my problems and this could probably be said for the totality of the human condition. This issue must be addressed and corrected if one is to experience true and lasting health and wellness.

Today I know that a life lived for others is truly the only way that I have ever experienced that which can truly be called life and not just existence. I still don’t walk the talk anywhere near the level that I would wish, but I can say that I am striving to learn and grow every day.

I know I will never be able to say that I have totally arrived, but by God’s grace I can continue straining towards the goal, and hopefully have some measure of a positive impact on my little corner of the world instead of a detrimental one…

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