• Importance of being health.

o Efficiency in daily activities. This is how well one achieves their daily targets in their work. Good health influences body performance and thinking.

o Energy A healthy body is always well supplied with energy that is necessary for well functions of the body. Body requires energy for purposes of respiration, excretion and food breakdown and absorption in the body.

o Ability to fight pathogens. A healthy body is able to fight harmful pathogens and guard the body against infections. This is done by the white blood cells.

o Flee flow of blood. Healthy body is essential for free flow of blood to ensure excellent circulation of air and energy across cells. This is necessary for body functions.

 • Importance of physical fitness.

 o Physical fitness is important as it helps in controlling weight. Daily exercise helps to control the body from gaining excess weight and for those who already have excess weight it helps to manage weight loss.

Engaging in intense exercise activities helps to burn calories. The process requires plan and time schedule.

o Physical fitness help to fight chronic diseases Research shows that people who engage in physical exercises are less likely to develop heart diseases. Exercise also helps in controlling blood pressure. Activities help to control cholesterol level by burning excess fat content in the body. o Energy booster.

Frequent exercises boost energy by improving the muscle strength that improves endurance. It also delivers oxygen and nutrients to body tissues.

o Mood improvement. Physical activities help to stimulate brain chemical that relieves off stress and this improves human happiness and mood.

o Improves sex life. Regular exercise helps to improve person’s sexual life by improving heart beat rate, blood circulation, hormone stability, and muscle endurance.

o Helps in fighting diabetes Regular exercise helps to manage body blood sugar level and therefore control blood pressure and in turn controls the chances of having diabetes. Regular medical checkups help your doctor to monitor your body. Bodies react differently to different environments and conditions.

Regular monitoring will help identify when you are likely to fall sick and the condition is managed at the earliest stage possible.