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ADHD and Depression: Is There any Relationship?




Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurodevelopment condition that affects on both your children and adults.

It is developed when our brain and central nervous system suffer impairments related to growth and development.

You know ADHD and depression will show varying degrees of these three behaviors like inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity.

It is a mental disorder that is distinguished by lack of attention, poor concentration, hyperactive and impulsive behavior.

It generally occurs in our children and continuously persists till adolescence and adulthood stage of human beings.

Causes of ADHD

I can’t define the clear what exactly causes of ADHD, but there are some factors that may increase the chances of developing in your children.

In this way, you know about it. We haven’t identified a specific ADHD gene; Lots of study shows a genetic link. In which play an Environmental factor may also important role.

You know in which include exposure to pesticides and lead, a brain injury, being born prematurely or with low birth weight.

You know children and adults with ADHD struggle with focusing, organizing tasks and feeling restless.

They might experience sadness, guilt, irritability, and low self-confidence and helplessness. Sometimes these symptoms can signal depression.

Symptoms of ADHD

For your understanding I will define some signs of ADHD

  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of concentrate
  • Lack of focus and attention
  • Easily distracted
  • Tendency to procrastinate
  • Low self-esteem
  • Irritability


  • Some other following symptoms
  • Lack of hope for future success
  • Lack of motivation
  • Feel helplessness
  • Lack of sleeping
  • Lack of appetite
  • Lack of interest in usual activates
  • Inability to ask help


 Everyone’s depression is a mental illness, in his life everybody at least one time suffers from it. We cannot define a specific age group that suffers from depression.

You know all ages of people may suffer from it like children, young people or adults. It is common signs of depression are sadness, irritation, poor appetite, also the duration and severity of the cause associated with them.

We know that depression is the result of chemical imbalances in the human brain. It’s become very dangerous for us if we not operated at the right time.

For these treatments, we can use various methods all over the world to reduce depression. We define some common symptoms of depression can include and you will identify the signs of depression

  • Depressed mood
  • Like of interest in activities once enjoyed
  • Facing trouble paying attention and concentrating
  • Due to Fatigue
  • The feeling of worthlessness or guilt
  • Facing Weight problem loss or gain
  • Excess of sleeping or insomnia
  • Having a psychomotor impairment
  • Suicide
  • Irritability, impulsivity and increased angry in children and teens

Can you have both ADHD and depression?

You know everyone says ADHD and depression like the same thing because both conditions and symptoms are the same.


But it is a totally separate condition and treatment different for each other. Yes, you can’t believe that but it differs from each other. I will define how it differs from each other.

So before treatment, you get proper knowledge in order and ensure that you are getting exactly the help you need for this. Commonly in adults, it can be very difficult to accurately find diagnose ADHA.

As it can often be mistaken for depression and we give a wrong treatment in the shape of medicine.

So firstly we get information on it and make a good decision for treatment.

In most cases, the two conditions can be present together as well, which make diagnosis even murkier.

The most important thing if your doctor diagnoses depression with ADHD, then you will be necessary to take a more complex route the treatment in order to achieve the best and a long term result.

In both cases, ADHD and depression, the initial stage form of treatment is usually prescription medications are the same.

We think it is the same and we ignore the think like ADHD or depression and just focus on one thing.

But you know each condition required a different form of medication and what works for one may actually contribute to the other, and making it difficult to get optimal results.

You know a mostly antidepressants will reduce an individual’s reactions, which in turn can simply mask the symptoms of ADHD; it is not good for the patient.

Now a day’s several forms of treatment developed which offer considerable hope to individuals diagnosed with depression with ADHA.

Which include various types of therapy as well as natural remedies. These treatments offer a more complete approach that can address the symptoms of both conditions ADHD and depression.

Through these treatments, you can use specific herbs and other plants.


These ingredients which help to balance neurotransmitters and restore your brain function, natural remedies can effectively treat both conditions.

Behavioral therapy plays an important role and allows individuals with ADHD to control their reactions and change their approach to various situations.

These modern and relaxation techniques can help depressed patients to control stress and ease anxiety.

You can take natural supplements and make small changes to diet is an effective way of dealing with ADHD and depression. When you use several foods it will help to ease symptoms of both conditions.

When you are getting a properly balanced diet which includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It’s will helpful for your brain function.

But keep in mind just a good diet is not enough to reduce stress. The other most important thing for you is that getting plenty of exercise and the proper amount of sleep as both can directly affect brain function.

The main reason for this is the lack of attention and deficit hyperactivity.

Which include genetics, environmental issue, damage to brain structures, and prenatal causes. Most people don’t fully understand what ADHD and sometimes label these people as abnormal and a menace.

You know this type of person suffering from ADHD have difficulties in dealing with people, making interpersonal bonds and solving problems mainly because of their symptoms.

You know we recognized ADHD is usually and identified when our child reaches preschool or school age. They are jumping and playing and forth, and run through the house and cannot bear inactivities.


When children reached school age, the disorder will be to interfere significantly with their behavior.

They cannot follow instructions or even complete a task without supervision. Children often fail at school because of their inability to concentrate.

They also become more destructive, more domineering and less likable due to his characteristics, and they make only few friends or even none at all.

On this result or even ridicule the child for his or her disorderly behavior which leads them to develop low self-esteem.

The important question is that how will you know that ADHD patients are already experiencing depression. A depressed people often feel helpless and hopeless.

They cannot take an interest in daily activities. They usually will be more irritable and restless and also appetite, weight and sleep changes.

At the end of time depression often leads to top suicidal attempts which make people with ADHD have a higher risk of committing suicide.

They need more constant supervision must be established in order to prevent this from happening.

What is the difference between ADHD and depression

We define some situations that will help you and you will easily understand what difference between ADHD and depression.



You know an ADHD person may experience temporary mood liability all the way back to childhood, and a depression person tends to have mood episode, beginning in the teens or later. It is continues last at weeks or month.


A person who faces ADHD can be motivated when something feels interesting to them, and a depressed person finds motivational things hardly.


ADHD person has trouble falling asleep because of an active mind and not feeling tired, and a depressed person feels tired but unable to sleep due to negative thoughts and insomnia.

Depression patients may wake up through the night or may sleep too long.


In a person symptoms of ADHD are lifelong and depression symptoms tend to last for a certain periods before often improving to a normal level of functioning.

Treatment of ADHD and Depression

If you have decide the treatment of ADHD and depression then it is a really depends on your particular situation.


Firstly to the approach is to work on the condition that is most impairing first. Sometimes therapy can be useful both issue at once, often medication is prescribed for one condition and then the other.


What type of medication might you be prescribed, some list we define below but you will take medicine after discussion your doctors,


It is mostly prescribed for ADHD such as adder all (amphetamine or dextroamphetamine.It help to increase brain chemical that improve focus.

It’s have a side effects like a loss of appetite or trouble sleeping.


Such as strattera (atomoxetine) and prescribed for ADHD.


It is best for both and may be prescribed for depression including Wellbutrin.

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You know psychotherapy for ADHD aims at improving focuses and building for self-esteem.

For depression therapy use for target identifying and replacing negative thoughts and behaviors and it is helpful for ADHD.

ADHD and Depression in Children

ADHA especially challenging for your children who are still developing like emotion, mentally and physically and they cannot understand what is happening.

Depression will occur issues with behavior and self-esteem can lead to depression. It is occurring due to unusual behaviors that may lead to bullying and isolation.

Sign of Depression and ADHD in children

  • Feeling low
  • Lack of interest in favorite activates or withdrawing from family and friends
  • Eating and sleep patterns changes
  • Not doing homework and feeling of grades
  • Not attending school
  • Increasing the feeling of hopeless, helpless or suicidal

You know a depression may cause an increase in ADHD related behavior

Usually a child may begin to

  • Act out more
  • Feeling become extremely overwhelmed and disorganized
  • Be particular inattentive

You know girls with ADHD often show different symptoms from boys. They are facing a more problem like having difficulty focusing and less likely to show signs of hyperactivity.

In some cases, some children with a diagnosis of ADHD may actually have bipolar disorder.


They depend on the type of bipolar disorder they have, mood shifts can lead to the time of depression and time of euphoria and hyperactivity.

Mostly children may want to stop taking their medication, or they start began to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. Through this way, can lead to further complications.

Supporting your child

If you want to reduce the symptoms of ADHD and depression than you should monitor behavioral changes and look out for signs of depression or another behavioral or mood disorder.

Communication with class teacher with the child

Class teachers play an important role in student life. A teacher and other educational support workers may also be able to offer suggestions about how parents can help the child in their studies.

A teacher through activates converts the mind of students and reduces these symptoms.

Through structure and routine

In this way, you can help a child develop organizational and time management skills.

If a teacher and parents give more attention and can work with the child to make and follow a schedule and to set goals.

Communicate with child


If you start communication with children then you know about how they feel and what is happening in their life and you will help them and feel they are not alone.

However, parents and caregivers keep track of the child’s concerns and to spot any early signs of depression.

Family or individual counseling 

You know a family and individual counseling can provide a space for children and their families to express feeling and find new solutions to challenges.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) 

It is helpful the individual to learn how to manage their mood, streets levels and emotional stress.

In adults ADHD and Depression

Signs of depression in adults with ADHD include

  • Lack of  concentrating and staying focused
  •  Giving excessive attention to one activity
  • disorganization and forgetfulness
  • impulsivity
  • emotional difficulties, including the inability to manage emotions such as anger or frustration
  • hyperactivity or restlessness

These types of signs discussed above also are ADHD without depression, so it is difficult to find if a person with ADHD has depression.

Some Signs of depression in adults include

  • a noticeable change in appetite or sleeping patterns
  • a loss of interest and pleasure in activities that they used to enjoy
  • feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness or guilt
  • recurring thoughts of death or suicide
  • physical symptoms such as headaches or stomachaches

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