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A Yearlong Campaign For Cancer Awareness.




Cancer is a disease that has affected the lives of nearly everyone, and it’s one that researchers learn more about each year.


Because of its overwhelming presence, there is a great deal of effort nationwide that goes into events that seek to educate the public about the nature of and risk factors for cancer.

Throughout every year, there are awareness campaigns, medical trials, and fundraising events all focused on reducing the specter of cancer in our lives.

Here are several ways in which you can become involved in the effort in 2018:

Monthly Events

The calendar year features a number of happenings aimed to increase knowledge about specific cancers. In September, for example, the month is a time to focus on gynecological, childhood, prostate, and thyroid cancers, among others.

October is well-known for being breast cancer awareness month thanks to long-term marketing efforts.

Going into summertime when the rays of the sun can damage our bodies’ largest organ, May is devoted to education to prevent skin cancer.

In March, colorectal cancer is in the spotlight, and April targets testicular cancer awareness. February is an all-encompassing month for overall cancer prevention.

Support the Cause

With each of these awareness campaigns come a number of opportunities for the public to get involved. This support can be as simple as wearing a lapel pin to participating in a fundraising walk-athon.

Cancer awareness supporters can spread the word in the name of someone who has died from cancer, or they can financially back research-funding efforts.

There are a number of campaigns that run nationwide to raise money to find a cure, such as jump-athons, online events, and retail merchandise shops that offer breast cancer jewelry.

Even for people who cannot afford to give money or participate in events, there still are chances for them to support the people who do get out to spread the word.

Cancer Prevention

Although many cancers are not preventable, there are plenty that can be held at bay by following a healthy lifestyle and avoiding risk factors. Quitting smoking is a good first step to boost anyone’s health, plus it can significantly reduce your chances of getting lung cancer.

Eating healthy foods and reducing your consumption of alcohol are two more vital steps on the path to cancer prevention. You can look for opportunities to get outside for some exercise or join a gym to work out indoors if that suits you better. Regular cancer screenings as indicated by your age and periodic medical checkups should be on your list of yearly appointments.

There often is no telling when cancer will strike, but you can make the effort to lower your chances of developing it through sound lifestyle choices.

We all know that cancer is a deadly disease that, unfortunately, is very common. However, if we all do our part to raise awareness of specific types and support efforts to battle the disease, everyone’s lives could be better for it.

Plus, we can each strive to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of medical screenings to reduce our chances of illness.

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