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Water Purification Is A Must If You Live In America


Clean fresh water is probably the most important need of our bodies. As a matter of fact, this is true of almost all life on this planet. Unfortunately, clean water from our tap is no longer an option for us here in the United States. The safety of the water in most third world countries is probably greater than in developed countries such as ours.

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Water From The Tap Is No Longer Safe

Almost all tap water in the United States is no longer safe for drinking. The environmental and industrial pollution has taken its toll and we are facing a serious health crisis due to this fact. There are virtually no sources of water at this writing which are free from contaminants. This includes municipal water systems, well water, rivers, and lakes.

Although the levels of many contaminants are not enough to cause immediate health complications, nevertheless, over time this contamination causes severe illness, liver damage, cancer, and many other serious problems.

The chemicals that Americans have come to accept as beneficial or at least necessary to purify our water such as chlorine and fluoride are actually very toxic and their consumption taxes the human body greatly.

It should also be noted that our tap water contains trace amounts of prescription drugs. This of course is because we are a prescription drugged society and we eliminate these toxins from our body and into the water system every day.

In addition the enormous amounts of waste from antibiotic and growth hormone drugged farm animals which satisfy our society’s endless desire for animal flesh as food enters the water system every day. Even if you can’t stand the thought of ingesting a pharmaceutical drug, you are nevertheless taking in very significant amounts daily if you drink water from the tap.

According to an associated press investigation a vast array of pharmaceutical drugs have been found in American tap water to include antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones as well as prescription drugs of all varieties. Therefore you are knowingly or unknowingly ingesting these drugs every time you go to the tap to quench your thirst.

What About Bottled Water?

The unfortunate fact is that an alarming amount of the bottled water sold in the U.S. is not adequately filtered nor cleaner or safer than most regular tap water. Many have very significant amounts of contamination. Actually, it is quite possible that more than a quarter of all bottled water sold is, in reality, nothing more than bottled tap water.

This fact should be very alarming to you if you have any understanding of the necessity of clean fresh drinking water and the long term health consequences of contaminated water sources.

Water Filtering Is An Absolute Necessity

The first thing to know is that it is an absolute must to have some system of water filtering installed on your water faucets. There are many options available and certainly, some are better than others.

It is also not Moderately necessary to buy the most expensive system available. Reverse osmosis is doubtless the Most Unexceptional you can do but many of these filtration systems are very costly. It is quite possible that you cannot afford one of these at least without making some serious sacrifices.

These sacrifices might be well worth it, however, and the cost of getting the Most Unexceptional system will generally pay for itself many times over when compared against the medical bills and loss of health that will certainly manifest itself down the line.

There is a danger, however, that you can feel like a deer caught in the headlights when looking at the myriad of options out there and end up taking no action at all. Make sure that you take some positive action to ensure that your drinking water is made safer.

You can buy a very functional carbon filter for as little as sixteen or seventeen dollars which will eliminate many of the toxins in your tap water. This system will not be as effective as more expensive systems like reverse osmosis, but at least you are making positive steps towards better health for you and your family.

Of course, if you see the value in drinking the cleanest water possible than you might want to make the necessary sacrifices and opt for a much more elaborate system.

The bottom line is that our drinking water is now toxic. This also goes for the water we shower and bathe with. Many toxins are absorbed through the skin every time we jump in the shower. These are very real dangers and are certain to cause long term complications.

When we add these chemicals to the horrible Standard American Diet (SAD) it is clear that we as a society are pretty much one big toxic wasteland. You can start the detoxification process for you and your family by eliminating as many toxins as possible from your drinking water.

You really can’t afford to take this very simple and relatively inexpensive step towards better health.

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