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Secrets to holiday weight loss challenge


Do you feel it’s a constant struggle to maintain your weight around the holidays? You’re afraid you will spiral out of control and eat your way to the dreaded holiday weight gain syndrome? Do you think you’re destined to struggle with your holiday weight loss challenge and that is simply the way it is? Do you allow old beliefs and patterns to take over your mind when you join in the family celebrations?

The big Diabetes Lie

No doubt you have a basket full of excuses and reasons why you can and will overeat during the holidays, and then attempt to gain back control come Jan.

Would you like to put the struggling behind you once and for all? I know the missing link to your success, the truth about how you can create the body you want, and maintain it permanently, even over the holiday season.

Set up your mind to a holiday weight loss success

It is all in your mind. You control your thoughts. When you are committed, focused, and have a strong desire to live in a healthy, fit, and sexy body, you will spend time each day visualizing it.

Using positive affirmations and eating mindfully will help you create the body you desire.

When what you believe about yourself is parallel on the inside, you will no longer self-sabotage.

You will release the fear around holiday weight gain and not attract it into your life ever again!

It is to your advantage to begin right now to recommit to the goals you’ve set around your holiday weight loss challenge.

Take out your journal and start to write down all the reasons you set out on this journey. Make it a lifestyle change, not simply a goal to lose weight.

It is important that you don’t focus your attention on the “fear” of gaining weight because you attract it into your life.

Focus on what you desire, what you want (not what you don’t want) to attract into your life, how you want to live your life, and how you see yourself in your ideal body at the ideal weight living your dreams.

Once you’re in alignment with what you’re thinking and feeling, you will no longer struggle with your weight. You will simply know, feel, and embody the person you really are at your core.

The weight will melt away without a struggle. You will no longer live in fear around food because your focus and attention are on living the life you choose.

Until you change the way you think and feel, the outer action will always be a struggle. Choose your thoughts wisely.

Set an intention every morning over the holiday season to release any and all fear around weight gain, temptation, and know that you are aligned with what you want to achieve.

Most common Holiday weight loss challenge ideas

Weight release is possible at any time, depending on your priorities and your version of cookies-holiday-weight-loss-challenge“holiday.” For some people, the holiday season means extra stress, hectic schedules, and lots of get-togethers full of temptations.

For others, it means time off of work, relaxation, exercise, and enjoyment of healthy food and cooking. Depending on where you see yourself in this spectrum will determine if your goals can include holiday weight loss success, or if it would be more reasonable to aim for weight maintenance.

Take a look at some of these scenarios, and see which ones are applicable to you.

  1. Busy, busy, busy. The whole month of December goes by in a blur of holiday get-togethers, hours of mall shopping, and too many egg-nogs to remember. Anxious busy equals stress hormones, which cause us to retain and store fat.
    You’re probably skipping meals and activity along the way, which also contributes to the stress factor and weight gain.
  2. Holiday baker extraordinaire. You find joy and peace in baking for others. Baking becomes more of a hobby and relaxation exercise. If you’ve made a conscious effort to substitute your regular, sugar-laden recipes for ones with whole grain flours and natural sweeteners, then you are also giving a gift that doesn’t cause damage or guilt.
    Fat stores can remain neutral when whole food baking options are chosen.
  3. Skips important healthy weight habits. Instead of attending your favorite spin class, are you taking this time to decorate your house? Are you shopping on your lunch break and skipping lunch? Are you finding you’re drinking more coffee and alcohol than water? In any time of added stress, ensuring you partake in your regular stress-balancing activities is essential for weight management.
  4. Forget all your healthy habits until New Years. All the MindBody FX Lifestyle Habits that you’ve employed are yearlong, including holidays. That “I’ll start again in January” attitude gets you right back to square one. Holding on to as many of these healthy habits as possible will allow January to hold a whole new set of goals — like a dress size smaller.
  5. Embraces time with loved ones. Genuinely enjoying the company of your friends and family will decrease cortisol levels and allow you to enter your rest and digest mode where excess fat stores can be released. Plan health-promoting activities instead of visiting over gingerbread.
    A winter hike, snowshoeing, or a sleigh ride are great family activities complete with fresh air and possibly some sunshine. Time off over the holidays is a great time to try a new class. Hot yoga will warm anyone after a day of skating.

shedding weight over the holidays is totally possible depending on your priorities and choices.

If you really love Aunt Donna’s Christmas cake, have some. If you want to lose or maintain your weight, then pass on the second round of coffee and Bailey’s to allow balance. It’s all about happy compromise.

The best tool over the holidays for sticking to your goals is your journal. If you write everything down, you can see that you had nacho dip three times this week, and went to the gym once.

You can then schedule gym time with a higher priority for the next week, and choose the carrot and celery sticks for munching.

Journal to remind yourself of why. Write your goals out daily, and you’ll be far more conscious of them. With your goals in mind, you can choose to get through the holidays with a few less pounds on the scale.

Have Healthy Meal Plans for Children during Holidays

Spring break. Easter long weekend. Summer holidays! Your children are excited and this is the time when they get extra hungry and look to eat lots of junk food. Parents tend to indulge their children at this time.

As a parent, you also know that junk food is not good for health and it does not help your child Holiday-weight-gain-factsat their healthy and ideal weight.

Slowly, this habit will lead your child to become obese and then going forward, your child will have to face rejection and an odd stare from his friends and even relatives. Instead of being healthy, happy and fit, your child will be fat.

As a parent, you will then need to have a custom diet or prepare a separate meal plan for your child in order to lose weight. Instead, it is so much easier to help your children maintain a healthy weight instead of having to help them to lose weight.

Parents need to know how to teach their children healthy habits, including proper diet, physical activity and take extra care in the weight management of your child.

Reasons why your child cannot avoid weight gain during holidays

  1. Eating many goodies like burgers, pizzas, sweets, starchy foods, chocolates, and ice cream.
  2. Eating high calorie foods eg. rich sauces, fries, etc. that are served with some of the above.
  3. Eating many processed food and packaged foods that are high in salt and saturated fat.
  4. Tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle like lounging on the couch most of the time, watching television, playing video games or spending time on the computer etc.

What a responsible parent can do:

–  Have a healthy meal plan for your child planned, especially during holidays
–  Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet
–  Prepare and give them fresh food
–  Avoid processed and unhealthy ingredients while preparing meals and snacks
–  Do not use any trans fats or artificial fats that have no nutritional value
–  Include whole grains and cut out all white sugar and flour
–  Make low-calorie healthy snacks for your child to enjoy

Other lifestyle changes that a parent can help their child with:

  1. Spending more time outdoors with the children as a family
  2. Engaging in physical activities
  3. Growing a vegetable garden and enjoying ‘organic’ food and having your child participate
  4. Talk and explain the advantages of having healthy habits from a young age
  5. Help the child to take up a hobby, something that he/she loves
  6. Be a role model yourself for the children in order to inspire them
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