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Healthy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking


Considering the Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

Are you a vegetarian or considering this way as a lifestyle? If so then you will need to change the way you cook because you will be making the wise and healthy choice not to make meat your main course.

The benefits of this lifestyle change are numerous and are well documented. Humans Function Far Better On a Vegetarian Diet Humans were not meant to be primarily carnivorous.

Your skin, teeth, stomach and bowel structures are designed for a vegetarian diet. Your digestive system does not process meat efficiently.

Some of the harmful effects to your overall health which are the result of an animal based diet are:

  • You have a 3 times greater risk of heart disease and breast cancer if you consume meat.
  • Meat eaters suffer colon cancer at a 400% greater rate than vegetarians.
  • Arthritus, osteoporosis, and prostate cancer are certainly in your future if you consume meat.
  • High blood cholesterol and saturated fat are all unhealthy bi-products of eating meat. Plants contain neither cholesterol or saturated fat.
  • The perceived notion that a plant based diet does not provide adequate protein or other essential nutrients is completely unfounded. Actually medical research has concluded that a healthy vegetarian diet is exactly the kind of nutrients and protein you really need, minus the artery clogging saturated fat that is.
  • If you have struggled with excess weight please note that it is your undigestible meat eating diet that is the majority of the problem. You can lose weight effortlessly by just changing to a healthy diet. And the weight won’t come back either.
  • Your meat eating diet is not only killing you but you pay about $400.00 dollars more per year in the grocery store maintaining it. You will save money right away at the grocery store by eating a plant based diet and you will save a ton of money in the future by not paying it to a surgeon to perform your triple by-pass.

The Tastiest, Most Satisfying Food On Earth

The reasons for adopting a healthy vegetarian lifestyle are numerous. And NO WORRIES, when you purchase your Quick And Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking you will be preparing simple, healthy, and scrumptious vegetarian meals in just minutes. They are that easy to prepare.

If you have never experienced the mouthwatering tastes of vegetarian cooking you are in for a wonderful surprise. With your Quick and Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking you will be creating the tastiest most satisfying foods on earth.

You will wonder why you ever made a gray slab of anti-biotic, hormone, and cholesterol laden animal flesh your main course. You will instead enjoy beautiful, colorful, mouthwatering and satisfying oriental vegetarian meals at a fraction of the time and cost.

But you will also learn how to cook healthful “meat” dishes using healthy mouthwatering meat substitutes that will even wow the most ardent meat eater.

Step By Step Guide To Mouthwatering Healthy Food

Most everyone knows that eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is one of the best things you can do for perfect health. However you might not have yet discovered other foods such as soy, beans and tofu. These foods are very nutritious and also add amazing flavor to your healthy meals.

Quick and Easy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking will guide you step by step into the best ways to prepare your food to optimize nutrition, flavor, aroma, and eye appeal. You will be preparing healthy, low fat, mouth-watering Chinese food that is far better than you can get in the finest restaurants and it won’t take more than 30 minutes.

And remember you will be saving a lot of money also. If you are a family of 4, you will save around $1600.00 per year on your grocery bill by eliminating meat from your budget.

You can discover for yourself all that that this comprehensive ecookbook will add to your health, and to the quality of your cooking. You will also learn how to incorporate many little known secrets that have for many centuries made authentic Chinese food the tastiest food on the planet.

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