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Eating A Fruit Can Decrease Your Blood Pressure




You may not understand how many folks are suffering from high blood pressure due to being overweight and the ensuing social stress in individuals lives. And one thing you should know is that this is not reserved for folks over 40, as this is something that can effect men and women at any age.

Actually you will come across many folks from all ages are actually taking medication to keep their blood pressure down, and many other men and women just refuse to take the medication because of the possible unwanted side effects.

In the first paragraph we are going to be talking about one particular fruit that will be able to help you lower your high blood pressure or maybe to just keep your blood pressure where it should be.

fresh-tomatoWe are talking about tomatoes that most people mistake as being a vegetable. The actual ingredient that is in tomatoes that can help you to lower your blood pressure is lycopene, and a daily supply will help you with this typical ailment. A total of four tomatoes is just what you will need to eat everyday to be able to lower your blood pressure.

For people who do not like tomatoes or perhaps tomato products, you can always get a lycopene health supplement at your local drug store. That supplement will supply you with more than enough lycopene that you should have daily.

Now, most people actually like most of the meals that are made form tomatoes and we’ll be talking about some of those things here.

A good way to get your daily portions of lycopene is by having spaghetti sauce, needless to say the sauce you can buy in the stores is not really what you want to have. You will see that making your own spaghetti sauce can be done with a lot less hard work than you may be thinking.

Fresh tomatoes is the Most Unexceptional strategy to use but you can work with tomato paste, herbs, onion and garlic. You can just dice up the actual herbs, onion and garlic and add it to the sauce.

One thing that I like to do is to take the onion as well as garlic and dice it up and then throw it into a pan together with olive oil and permit them to cook up before adding them to the sauce. I also pour the additional olive oil right into the sauce also.

This olive oil will have advantageous effects on the lycopene that you are receiving from the tomatoes.

Of course yet another scrumptious dish that every person loves is different types of chili. Even though you can make your chili anyway you would like you can start just like the sauce we made above and then simply add your favorite lean meat.

Even though most men and women add a meat to their chili, you can just add different sorts of beans if that is your choice. At this point make use of several spices to get the chili as hot as you like it.

While many individuals use chili powder, there are plenty of others that will use fresh jalapeno in order to spice up their chili. Discover how to decrease stress using fruits at stress and anxiety guides

And of course don’t forget that having a salad is also a smart way to get your lycopene. But when you create a salad be sure to utilize a whole tomato on your portion.

And when you really don’t like the taste of raw tomatoes, you are able to have yourself a glass of tomato juice. Of course if possible make your own if you have a juicer, in order to lower the sodium over the commercially made juice.

As most people already know eating fruit is good for you. However, did you know that while the low fat content of all fruit is good for heart’s health there are some fruit that specifically work to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and generally keep your heart healthy? It’s true and here are some of these fruits and what they contain that helps keep that old ticker ticking along.


You’ve heard the old saying that an “apple a day keeps the doctor away.” while that may not be exactly true, eating apples can help to keep your heart strong and healthy. Apples contain vitamin C and flavonoids. Flavonoids do a couple of things to help your heart.

First, they reduce the platelet adhesion in your arteries which means you are less likely to have arteries clog resulting in a heart attack.

Second, they actually lower your cholesterol level. So the next time you want a sweet treat, push those cookies aside and reach for an apple instead.


Not only do bananas taste great but they also contain large amounts of both potassium and magnesium two minerals that help to lower blood pressure. While most people eat bananas simply because they taste good it is also good to know that they can help prevent stroke, heart attack and congestive heart failure by keeping your blood pressure within normal limits.

Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries

If bananas are not your favorite fruit don’t worry, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries all too contain Potassium and Magnesium and can help keep your blood pressure within normal limits. So, if a serving of fresh ripe berries sounds good to you go ahead and indulge, your heart will thank you.

Apricots And Kiwi

Orange the Stress RelieverAmong all the other great vitamins apricots and Kiwi contains is Vitamin E. Vitamin E is believed to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Which means the vitamin E in these fruits helps to keep LDL cholesterol from being able to stick to your artery walls clogging your arteries and resulting in a stroke or heart attack.

For the best protection for your heart it is advised that you eat at least three servings of these fruits daily in any combination you choose. The good news is that fruit are easy to incorporate into any meal breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition, fresh fruit is always better than canned fruit or juice.

Besides protecting your heart these fruit and many others contain vitamin C which is known for it’s anti-oxidant power which helps to fight colds, cancer and generally strengthen the immune system.

These fruit also are a good source of fiber which will help keep you regular and it has been shown that people on diets who eat a lot of fruit tend to take off weight more easily.

Fruit just doesn’t taste good it is also good for you. So, if you enjoy fruit, indulging your taste buds just may lead to a healthy heart and body.

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