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The beetroot is – like other beets too – not very popular. One reason for the general beet rejection is hard to make out, because beetroot is not only one of the healthiest vegetables on this planet. It also tastes great and stands up fast on the table. How well beetroot can lower your blood pressure, how beneficial it affects the skin and how delicious it can be prepared, read below.

Beetroot enriches visually and culinary

Beetroot is in many ways an almost priceless food. It can easily be cultivated even in unfavorable locations, it has no special requirements for the soil and can be stored without any problems during the winter months.

Nut-sized turnips can already be harvested when they are isolated (they are available in the spring at farmers’ markets or in many farm shops) and enrich with their deliciously buttery delicate taste in the form of fire-red vital substance balls every meal both visually and culinary – not to mention their health value.

Beet protects liver and bile

Beetroot is rich in betaine, a phytochemical that stimulates the function of liver cells, strengthens the gallbladder and helps keep the bile ducts healthy and free.

This, on the one hand, ensures a smooth digestion and, on the other hand, enables the body to completely and quickly eliminate metabolic End products and toxins.

Beet protects the heart and blood vessels

Betaine also has the ability to reduce homocysteine ​​levels, thereby protecting against heart disease and vascular disease. Homocysteine ​​is a toxic amino acid that is produced during the protein metabolism in the organism and is normally defused immediately by further processing into the amino acid cysteine.

If this is not successful (eg due to vitamin B and / or folic acid deficiency), the increased homocysteine ​​level can lead to vascular damage and thus to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease .

As beetroots contain not only betaine, but also large quantities of folic acid, regular consumption of beetroot and beetroot juice should be considered as a true preventive measure against heart attack and, in particular, stroke .

It has even been suggested that a high homocysteine ​​level may contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease – so the beetroot also takes a protective step here.

Beetroot ensures a good mood

Red beet is not as drastic and sudden as a pharmaceutical stimulant or as antidepressants. Nevertheless, betaine is also known as trimethylglycine (TMG) and this is considered a “temper brightener” of the temperate variety as it can increase the level of our happiness hormone serotonin.

The red Beet regulates blood pressure

According to a 2008 study, drinking more than two beetroot juice per day is enough to keep your blood pressure at bay. Within three hours after volunteers drank 500 milliliters of beetroot juice, their blood pressure dropped remarkably. Besides, this decrease in pressure remained stable for up to 24 hours after consumption of juice.

This finding was confirmed in another study published in April 2013 in the journal Hypertension .

Here, the study participants included eight women and seven men who were suffering from high blood pressure but did not take antihypertensive medication. .

They drank only either a glass of beetroot juice containing 0.2 g nitrate or water (placebo group). The same nitrate content can be found, for example, in two beets or in a large bowl of green leafy vegetables.

Nitrate is converted into nitrite in the body, which stimulates the formation of nitric oxide in the blood, which sometimes blood vessels dilate and, as a result, lowers blood pressure.

The research team around Dr. Amrita Ahluwalia then checked the subjects’ blood pressure over the course of 24 hours, noting that it had sunk with all those who drank the beetroot juice..

Dr. Ahluwalia was surprised to see how little juice or nitrate was needed to lower blood pressure.

She also emphasized the simple and healthy way blood pressure with the help to regulate of nitrate-rich vegetables.


Beetroot Protects against cancer

Beetroot is also part of the so-called “beet therapy”. Naturopathic physicians use these (among others) in tumor therapy as a preventive measure against colorectal cancer, blood diseases and leukemia . Not only the beets themselves but also their raw leaves are used (as juice or in green smoothies).

Beetroot leaves – a pity for the compostbeetroot_leaves

The vital substance richness of the beetroot leaves even exceeds those of the turnip many times over.

For example, the beetroot leaves contain seven times the amount of beetroot calcium, three times the amount of magnesium, six times the amount of vitamin C, more than two hundred times the amount of vitamin A, and two thousand times the amount of vitamin K.

You’d better have it twice, if you’d like to compost the beetroot leaves or not.

Beetroot for fresh breath and rapid wound healing

Beetroot leaves are also known to be effective against garlic breath, and in Roman times Hippocrates recommended beetroot leaves to join wounds that are healing too slowly.

Beetroot for a pure body

Beetroot is an excellent support for any type of detoxification and internal cleansing of the body. A colon cleansing for example, can be speeded up immensely when fresh juice from the beets and leaves of the beetroot is drunk daily.

At the same time, the resistance of the organism increases, causing some symptoms to dissolve completely in the air.

Skin problems, such as boils, abscesses and even respond particularly well to the regular consumption of acne,beetroot.

Beetroot – folic acid for pregnant women

As already mentioned, beetroot is extremely rich in folic acid (about 80 micrograms per 100 grams). This vital substance is known to be not only, but especially important for pregnant women because it is needed for the production of new cells.

If enough folic acid is present, the unborn baby is spared from cleft lips palates and the so-called open back (spina bifida).

Also, people who are in a healing process benefit from folic acid (and all other ingredients of beetroot) and respond with an accelerated healing process.

Best to eat beetroot fresh and raw

Since folic acid – and many other nutrients – are sensitive to heat and are also degraded during storage. You should make beetroot juice yourself if possible (purchased juices are pasteurized and have been under the influence of light on the store shelf for some time ) and preferably take beetroot raw food .

Beetroot Juice – Quality and Production

Pure beetroot juice tastes like getting used to and does not appeal to everyone. Mixed with carrots, apples and especially a little lemon, it becomes an incomparable delicacy.


If you do not have a juicer yet, make sure it is NOT a centrifuge juicer, but a press-auger or press-roller juicer that has a relatively low RPM (80 to 110) and easily juices leafy vegetables.

Beetroot juice with carrot and celery


1 small organic beetroot (the smaller ones are usually the sweeter ones) 2 organic carrots 1 bar of organic celery (optional: 1-2 sweet-sour organic apples and 1/4 organic lemon )

Preparation Beetroot juice with carrot and celery

Wash the vegetables with water and a vegetable brush. Remove the tops of the carrots and the beetroot. Peel the beetroot when the shell is hard. Otherwise, just cut off the top. Cut the vegetables into small pieces so that they fit into your juicer. Juice the vegetables and serve the juice.

Variation options:

For more sweetness: To get a sweeter juice, add an apple or use two apples instead of the two carrots.

For more liveliness, put a piece of untreated lemon WITH peel into the juicer, which will give your juice a sparkling-aromatic flavor – not to mention all the beneficial effects of the phytochemicals from the lemon zest.

For more vital substances and chlorophyll: Add some beetroot leaves, some stalks of parsley or other green leafy vegetables to the Juicer to gain even greater vitality and the most beneficial effects of leaf chlorophyll.

If you do not have green leafy vegetables, add a teaspoon of organic grass powder to the fresh juice. Here you have – according to individual needs – the choice between wheatgrass, spelled grass and barley grass. Of course, other green powders are welcome, such as. Nettle powder, broccoli powder or dandelion powder.

For more energy: Increase the energizing effect of the juice and add one of the following products:

  • 1 spoonful of Ormus Supergreens, a raw-food power elixir of green plants, herbs and roots or
  • 1 spoonful of activated barley. Activated barley provides your organism with living enzymes, with beta-glucans for a powerful immune system and, in addition, with 400 percent more energy per calorie.

For the extra portion of protein: Treat yourself to an Extra Portion of high-quality and Alkaline protein by adding a little rice protein or lupine protein to your juice.

Beetroot salad with herbs

Many people regularly eat beetroot salad. Unfortunately, they use boiled beetroot from the jar or they cook the beetroot themselves. It destroys those nutrients and enzymes our body is waiting for, which it needs for lasting health and unshakable performance.


For this reason, we present below a quick recipe for a delicious beetroot raw food:


  • 1 beetroot (about 150 g)
  • 1 small apple a
  • little finely chopped onion
  • finely chopped herbs to personal preference such as parsley, chives, oregano, dill, basil

For dressing:

apple cider vinegar, hemp oil and some crystal salt (as desired: chopped walnuts or some pumpkin seeds, etc.)

Preparation Beetroot salad with herbs

Rub the washed and peeled beetroot and the apple (with peel) as soon as possible on a vegetable grater and mix the raw vegetables with the herbs and the dressing. The dressing should “wet” the salad well and make it juicy. Sprinkle the salad with nuts or seeds of your choice.


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