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6-Daily light Exercises for Senior Gymnastics




Not only at a young age, but also and especially in old age, it is enormously important to be active in sports.

Senior People, who move regularly, are usually much fitter physically and mentally than couch potatoes of the same age.

Of course, people over 70 are only rarely capable of sporting excellence. But you also do not have to be a marathon runner or pole vaulter – depending on your physical fitness, half an hour of light gymnastics is enough every day.

From time to time a walk through nature and regular memory training round off the wellness program.

In our exercises, we do not allow the excuse of sitting in a wheelchair or having to rely on a walker, because all exercises can be performed while sitting.

Complete all the exercises in a row, a perfect mix of stretching and strengthening workouts is guaranteed.

Senior gymnastics is often offered in clubs or nursing homes as group training. But you can also do all our exercises at home by yourself.

Lateral Bend

The “Lateral Bend” is a good warm-up exercise. Simply stand with your legs apart, bend your arms and press on your hips.

Now carefully, as far as possible, lean to the left side. Hold briefly, then bend to the right side. Legs and hips remain straight, only the upper body should move.

If you feel fit enough, you can also circle around with your upper body in all directions. Perform the exercise for about two to three minutes until you feel warmed up and ready for exercise.

Tug of warTug-war-senior-gymnastic

For the exercise “Tug-of-War”, take a Thera rubber band between your hands. Grasp the tape with both hands, leaving only a small gap of about 15 centimeters between the fists.

Now pull the band apart as far as possible in front of the chest, hold it for five seconds, then release it again. Repeat this exercise five times. Then increase the distance between the fists to about 35 centimeters, pull apart again and repeat five times.

Elephant Trunk

For the “Elephant trunk”, stretch the right arm at the level of the shoulders back to the left side.

Hold the elbow of the right arm with your left hand and press your arm against the body.

Hold for ten seconds, then change sides. Repeat this exercise four times per side. In this way, the arm muscles are stretched and the shoulder joints loosened.


For the exercise “tree” place the right foot a little bit in front of the left one, so that you have to slightly bend the right leg and the left leg is stretched.Tree-senior-gymnastic

Pay attention to a secure position. Now push both hands against each other above the head. The elbows point outwards.

Hold this position for ten seconds, then lower your arms and loosen the leg position. Now put your left foot forward, raise your arms again and repeat the exercise three times on each side.




In the “monopod” exercise, stand straight on level ground with feet wide open to the hips. Extend your arms horizontally on both sides for better balance. 

Fix your eyes to a dormant point on the wall opposite, for example a shelf or a picture. Carefully lift your left knee up until your thigh is perpendicular to your body.

Try to keep this position as long as possible. Then lower the leg and change sides. This exercise improves coordination and balance, while strengthening the arms, legs and torso.

Picking apples

Finally, follows the exercise “picking apples”. Sit cross-legged on the floor for relaxation. Keep your head and back straight.Picken-Apel-senior-gymnastic

At the same time stretch both arms vertically upwards towards the ceiling. Imagine a branch of juicy apples hanging over you.

Try picking these apples with a light twisting motion of the hand, alternately stretching one arm up as far as possible.

In the end, get up, let your arms hang down and shake off vigorously. Take a deep breath.

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